12 09 2008


The 35th International Independent Film Festival is one of the most important cinema and video events on the international scene. From November 4 to 9, Brussels will become a meeting point for filmmakers worlwide. More than 25 countries will take part in the 2008 edition of the Festival.

This year, the Festival present a special focus about the Indonesian films


The Festival is followed by the Belgian cinema and audio-visual press as a whole, but also by people world-wide and particulary from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In the audience are professionals in the audio-visual field, as well as young creators of the new generation (filmmakers, producers, actors, movie technicians, artists…). The total audience should be around 20.000 people, in addition to the young filmmakers who take part in the Festival.

Considering the important role of Brussels as the capital of Europe, the focus of Taiwan productions will have a tremendous effect at international level, as our Festival welcomes each year representatives of the most important cinema organisations and festivals world-wide.


An unmissable rendez-vous for independent filmmaking, films that never go out of fashion, a meeting place for open exchange, the Brussels International Independent Film Festival is an oasis of liberty for people whose concern is with inventing the cinema of tomorrow.

Open screens for auteur cinema, blending genres, rediscovering forgotten filmmakers or directors who have been pushed to one side, provoking cultural shocks and favouring the emergence of younger generations who know nothing of cultural or national boundaries are what the festival is all about. Other festivals are about celebrity: this one is about invention. This willing openness to all is accompanied by a rejection of glitzy premieres. That’s the essence of the festival: seeking out the new pulse on a planetary scale.


These 3 competitions, all placed under the sign of tolerance and exchange, have important prizes and one primary objective: launching the maximum number of films and videos on the national and international markets, and attracting attention to new and significant forms of filmmaking

  • National Competition: open to Belgian shorts and medium-length format
  • International Competition: open to international short, medium and full-length formats.
  • Filmmaking by the Deaf: This competition exists to encourage the deaf and the hard of hearing to meet through films and videos which reflect the special point of view the deaf have on the world, and is open to any film about deafness. This year the competition will be divided into two sections, one for work by the deaf, the other for work by the non-deaf.



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